Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Comparative study of the narrator injury and degrees of its words and terms In the rijale Njashi and Ibne Ghzayeri            0000-00-00
2    A survey on infamous narrated Thagalayn Hadith            0000-00-00
3    Study the indication of invalidity and authenticity (Jarh O Ta`dil )words in the light of Imams` speech in Kashi`s Rajal    M.Sc.    ,    2009-06-13
4    A research about mystical ahadith in Masnavi Ma\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'navi    M.Sc.    sirjanizade, elham    2009-11-14
5    Survey and evaluation of some differentioal defamation and authentication\\    M.Sc.    ammarloo, tayebeh    2009-11-17
6    The Role of Discourse in Reading of the Ḥadīth “Afḍal al-Aʿmān intiẓār al-faradj”    Ph.D    Dehghani Farsani, Yoones    2010-02-20
7    A study and evaluation of exegetical tradition about the story    M.Sc.    kheyri, marziyeh    2010-05-08
8    Infering the validity of the traditions of the chapter al – Hudjdjah of the book al – Kafi    Ph.D    sameni, ali    2010-06-08
9    A camparative study of position of Hadith in contemporary commentareis of Qur\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'an    Ph.D    Molavi, Mohammad    2010-06-27
10    Critical Research and Edition of Tafsir Tebyan-e-Solaymani by Mirza Mohammad Mashhadi    Ph.D    ahang, ali    2010-11-13
11    Comparative on the Interpretative Principles of Allameh Tabatabayi    M.Sc.    MOHAMADZADEH, MALEK    2011-01-05
12    A study of readings difference and the order of readings preference in Majma- Al- Bayan interpretation    M.Sc.    Alavi, Zeinab    2011-02-23
13    the Role of the household Of the Prophet in Theological Interpretation of Quranic Verses their Contemporary Trends    Ph.D    MOHAMADJAFARI, RASUL    2011-07-23
14    A Study of status and role of decision making in managers performance in viewpoint of the Quran and Nahjolbalaghe    M.Sc.    mohadecifar, mehrnaz    2012-03-10
15    A study on pleasure aspects from the view of the Quran and Nahj al - Balagha    M.Sc.    rajabzadeh, ali    2012-03-17
16    Investigation and correction of part 10 of Safat Altafasir by Allameh Shobbar (from the beginning of Rad to the end of Nahl)    M.Sc.    Azari, Maryam    2012-07-03
17    The investigation of the narations of Imam hadi about imamate    M.Sc.    qasemi rezvani, tahere    2013-02-23
18    A Study of Ambiguity in Hadith, Emphasizing on the Doctrinal Ahadith of Al-Kafi    Ph.D    Foroutan Tanha, Mostafa    2013-03-05
19    The analysis of Rijal’s experts verdicts on transmitters accused of hyperbole    Ph.D    toloue hashemi, zeinab    2013-04-06
20    the rol of Hadith narrators religion in their authenticity and unreliabilty in the shia precedent Rijal books    M.Sc.    robati, samane    2013-05-18
21    Imam ali`s(PBUH) historical prediction about the society of his time and his guidlines for reahing that society to the desired future in his speech with on emphasis Nahj al -balaghah    M.Sc.    Salarihoshmand, Elham    2014-03-08
22    Diversity factor of Quran by Quran interpretation in comparative study of Almizan and Adhou-albayan    Ph.D    jamalirad, fahimah    2014-03-08
23    the historical current of of commentary by rational method of shiite in the early period ( from forth century to sixth century)    Ph.D    ghorbanpur, hamid    2014-04-12
24    Drawing the descent space of surahs Maaedah and Nahl    M.Sc.    khaleghi, fatemeh    2014-05-31
25    semantics of some of the shiite key words relying on the izutsu method    Ph.D    Jafari, reza    2014-11-08
26    A semantic and stylistic analysis of the Bani Isral story in the Quran    Ph.D    Cheraghchi bashi, morteza    2014-12-27
27    tThe proporation of the Madany verses related to Abraham    M.Sc.    bayat, farzaneh    2015-04-26
28    A critical causes of Contradiction in Kashī’s Rijal    Ph.D    Babrkate shamshiri, Rahimeh    2015-05-31
29    indexes and patterns of endurance in style prophets in Quran from Noah toThe seal of the prophets    Ph.D    heidarian shahri, zohreh    2015-11-10
30    The Study of the Titled Verses in the Holy Quran : (Chronological Order ,Naming Criteria,Multiplicity of Titles , etc .    Ph.D    nazari, mohammadali    2015-11-25
31    The respance to the prephts call by people in the holy Quran    M.Sc.    moosavi, seid saeed    2016-02-13
32    Sin's Semantic field in the holy quran with an emphasis on lexical analysis and structural semantics    Ph.D    agahi, fatemeh    2016-05-30
33    Textual and documentary investigation of the traditions of two chapters of kafi book (Chapter of sins and Ann al-Iman la Yazorro ma'aho Sayyi ' ah)    Ph.D    Pakzad, Abdoll Ali    2016-06-12
34    “ Disambiguation of the concept of“ Nāwādir writing style’’ in the history of Hadith with a case study of Nāwādir chapters in al-Kafi’’    Ph.D    HosseinGOLZAR, Maryam    2016-11-12
35    The study influence of the Waqifites on the Imamiyyah’ Hadith with emphasis on concepts(Imamat‚Occultation‚Rajat)    Ph.D    musavinia, saeedeh sadat    2017-11-01
36    Review the performance of translators in translation of the pair of pseudo-synonym terms in Persian translations of the Holy Quran and provide the perfect solution for it    Ph.D    nasirivatan, javad    2017-11-12
37    a review of the metaphorical network of holy quran in order of their reveal based on the metaphor theory of lakoff and johnson    Ph.D    alipour laeen, hamed    2017-12-18
38    Investigating the interactions between the verses of the story of Jesus (PBUH) with the descending space and the purpose of Sura' Al' Maryam and Sura' A'ale-emran    M.Sc.    kavusi, atieh    2018-01-08
39    A study of Revelation Ambience and purposes of Mosabehat surahs of Quran    M.Sc.    nahofteh, effat    2018-01-08
40    A survey on opposition in theological hadiths on Alhoja Kafi book    Ph.D    torabi, fateme    2018-04-30
41    The study of descent context and the purpuses of the Surah of Noor    M.Sc.    baloki, fatemeh    2018-07-10